Miss Emmie's Story

Every danish and twist we make has a little bit of Miss Emmie’s sweet personality baked in. Miss Emmie spent her early days playing in the kitchen at her mom’s bakeshop. Maybe it was the sweet aromas, or maybe it was the delicious crumbs that fell her way, but we think it was a natural love of baking that made her want to be there. 
Miss Emmie loved bright colors.  Whether she was choosing an outfit, a napkin, an apron, or a marker, she was always drawn to the brightest color.  Colorful things just made her happy.  And as she grew, she invented recipes and flavor combinations that were all her own.  She would mix and match flavors then serve them up on brightly colored napkins just to see everyone smile.
Miss Emmie’s love of baking inspired us, so we followed her lead and created this unique line of danish, twists, and sweet treats. Her passion for experimenting inspired these one-of-a-kind flavors and her sense of style inspired our brightly colored, distinctive packaging. 
We’ve made these treats the perfect size…big enough to share with a friend and small enough to keep all for yourself. When it’s “me-time”, indulge with Miss Emmie.  Try all our fun flavors. Every Miss Emmie’s treat is full of love and smiles!